Custom Shoe Manufacturing

Our custom shoes are manufactured on sight following an in- depth analysis, from foot
measurements and moulding to pressure points and comfort. In essence
, our custom shoes are designed for optimal style and performance
, our custom shoes are designed for optimal style and performance.


Made to Measure

Plantar Orthotics


Plantar orthotics are recommended to overcome various mechanical problems and or pain. According to the doctor’s diagnosis and following the orthotist’s bio-mechanical assessment, a technical design will be drawn up to correct the alignment, relieve pain or support an arch. It is from this design that the orthotist will manufacture semi-rigid orthotics made of absorbent materials.


Orthopedic Shoes

Whether your foot is wide, narrow, long or short, we will find the right shoe for you. This type of prefabricated shoe allows for plantar orthoticinserts. They can be changed as needed to improve comfort and performance.

Made to Measure

Made to Measure Knee Brace


Knee braces can be prefabricated or custom made according to each individual need and diagnosis. Wearing a knee brace may be recommended to stabilize a knee with a ligament tear or knee osteoarthritis. Essentially, thebraceaims to relieve pain so that physical activity can resume


Ankle Orthotics

Orthotics recommended for the ankle can be prefabricated or custom made according to the individual’s needs and diagnosis. It is after the evaluation that the orthotist will be able to recommend the appropriate orthotic for you.

Compression or Support Clothing

Used mainly for the treatment of venous disorders, compression garments can be measured for both the lower limbs and the upper limbs. We also offer a measurement service for post surgery compression clothing.


Orthopedic Devices

Whether it's a cane, a walker or a wheelchair, we can provide it. Having unparalleled expertise in the field of technical aids for mobility and posture, we will take all measures to ensure that we provide you with the device that best suits your needs.